30 Day Design Challenge

Yesterday marked the end of my 30 sketch challenge.  The goal was to stop endlessly obsessing over a design drawing and re-drawing never finishing.  I wanted to just put as many different ideas down on "paper" as I could and get some feed back from friends and family.  Along the way I found some new ideas for my designs and explored some old ones.  There are sketches that I am really happy with and sketches that I am going to toss right away.  The point was to sit down and do the work.

The next step is to figure out which of these designs I am going to refine and make a prototype of.  That's where you all come in.  Leave a comment with your favorite one or two and in a week or so I will compile the results and let you know what the fan favorite is.  It would be huge if you would share this with your social network so I can get as many votes as possiable.

Sketch 1:


Sketch 2:


Sketch 3:


Sketch 4:


Sketch 5:


Sketch 6:


Sketch 7:


Sketch 8:


Sketch 9:


Sketch 10:


Sketch 11:


Sketch 12:


Sketch 13:

Sketch 14:

Sketch 15:

Sketch 16:

Sketch 17:

Sketch 18:

Sketch 19:

Sketch 20:

Sketch 21:

Sketch 22:

Sketch 23:

Sketch 24:

Sketch 25:

Sketch 26:

Sketch 27:

Sketch 28:

Sketch 29:

Posted on August 10, 2017 .