Concrete and Walnut Lamp

I have been working on a table lamp for a few weeks and here it is.  I am starting to think about materials like fonts, just like more than 2 fonts gets visually overwhelming more than to materials does the same.   I started with a cross section of walnut and cut it down to a cubeish shape.  The form for the concrete was built around that cube and concrete was poured on top.  The shade of the lamp is steam bend strips of walnut and is painted gold on the inside to reflect light a bit more.  Also you see a sneak peak of a matching table that is not quite done yet.

Posted on June 21, 2016 .

Almost done...

After finishing a coffee table a couple weeks ago that I was really happy with I thought I would make a matching end table.  This table based on the golden ratio also features an ash top with custom cut piece of glass and welded aluminum legs.

Because all my aluminum is salvaged it has lots of dings and scratches that give clues to it's past life.  I might be going do the rabbit hole that is matching sets...

Posted on June 21, 2016 .

New End Table

This week I finally got some of the pieces I have been working on into the studio to be photographed.  I've been having so much fun making stuff I didn't get around to showing it off.  This 3 legged end table features turned ash legs, a hard maple center, and is toped with a 12 inch piece of glass.  

I spent lots of time on the lathe for this one.  Not only are the legs turned but the hard maple center is as well.  In this table I am still playing with the place where raw and finished surfaces meet.  the smooth turned edge on the center piece look really nice with the hard surfaces of the tree bark.  the bark of the tree is also still visible on the single leg under the raw edge of the center.

Posted on June 21, 2016 .

Finished a Coffee Table

I am putting the finishing touches on a coffee table this week.  It's made of an ash slab cut in half and then flipped over so the outside live edge is on the inside.  The empty space is then filled with a custom cut piece of glass.  On the opposite side of the 15 degree angle is a custom welded aluminum frame.

It was a lot of fun making this table and I have started making a matching end table with some of the extra ash.  I am really interested in exploring the idea of raw edges meeting finished surfaces like you see here.  In the furniture section you can see drawings of of desks and tables that explore this idea further.

Posted on June 21, 2016 .